Did Brown Ever Have a Moral Compass?

Sunday Times

Peter Watt, Labour’s former general secretary, has spoken out with the aim of demolishing any residual claim by the prime minister to the moral high ground. 

Publicly, Gordon talks about values and his moral compass, but actually the way he conducts himself behind the scenes is anything but that - it’s brutal,” said Watt, who played a pivotal role in the handover of power from Tony Blair to Brown. 

Watt  who was closely involved in planning for the “election that never was” in autumn 2007,  said: “No matter what anyone says, the election had been called and was then cancelled.”

Resign NOW Gordon. You have no authority left. You're a bad joke.

Resign and claim political asylum in some gordforsaken hole on that other planet, you seem to inhabit.


  1. gordoom must fucking love humiliation..he gets off on it..its the only thing i can think of as to why the cunt keeps hanging on...

  2. Yes, always pointed up his arse,

  3. I wonder what his moral compass is telling him this week?

  4. CryBaby, you can bet your arse it's telling him that he is "doing the right thing" but not the fucking truth.


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