Brown In Need Of More Sticking Plasters and Bandages.

Gordon Brown today blamed "the system" after new revelations about cabinet-level expense claims inflicted a fresh blow on the government's authority.

The prime minister, who was forced to defend his own expenses claims, said that the new information justified his decision to press for wholesale reform of the system of parliamentary expenses and allowances.

"The system doesn't work," Brown told the BBC. "I've said it doesn't work; it's got to be changed. We voted for change and that change has got to come quickly."

Asked whether MPs ought to learn to live in the "real world", he said: "Absolutely. That's why the system's got to change. I've been determined over these past few months ... The system's wrong. It's not the way to work."
It's never your fault is it Gordy? I don't think this one started in America.
It was a bit closer to home wasn't it.

Harriet Harman, the leader of the Commons, admitted:  voters would be "very angry" following the publication by the Daily Telegraph, of fresh details of how ministers exploited parliamentary rules to maximise the amount they could claim from the taxpayer.

Harman told GMTV: "I know people will be very angry and concerned about this, but I do want to reassure people that we have recognised there's a problem and we've already taken action on this."

She also insisted that British politics did not have "the level of corruption" that was found in "many other countries" and that the government had already started to reform the rules.
Never mind what happens in other countries, you have a duty to the electorate in this one. If you know that members of the Government have been acting corruptly Harriet, as an Officer of the court and a Cabinet Minister, don't you think you should have reported them to the Police?
Is there something you haven't been telling us?


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