Another Day, Another Legal Action For Jacqboots Smith

HOME Secretary Jacqui Smith is being sued by a British man who claims she allowed his torture while he was being held on suspicion of terrorism in Bangladesh.

Jamil Rahman, a civil servant who grew up in Wales, claims he was interrogated by MI5 officers in between beatings by Bangladesh security forces.

Mr Rahman said he gave false confessions, including one that he masterminded the 2005 terror attacks on London.

He said he was detained in 2005 by a Bangladeshi intelligence agency and was stripped and beaten. He alleges he made the false confession before being questioned by two men who said they were from MI5.


Old Holborn has issued Citizen's Arrest Warrants for MPs who, are believed by him, to have committed criminal acts. More from him here.

H/T to the Brilliant GOT for the poster above.


  1. Excellent work yourself, on that web page pic, my friend.

    I know just how much time and effort it takes to do something like that, that well.

  2. Thanks Got. It took a while and a few cock-ups before I got there. Should be easier next time I feel like biting off more than I can chew ;)

  3. Fucking hell she getting as evil as the one eyed cunny hiding away in No.10

  4. fucking brilliant, pinched it myself if only for another opportunity to call it a cunt.

  5. screech deary! sorry for the fuck up over the pic yesterday!...ive ammended the h/t's accordingly!


  6. and i fecked up your name here too..i really should stop drinking so much vodka.

  7. I don't give a flying fuck about Jamil ( not really British ) Rahman.
    He can fuck off back to deadsville or Torture Central but Jaqui, well known Cunt, Ssmith needs to answer the Telegraphs important question about paying tax on her accountants bill, Slag.


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