Will Dolly Be The One That Finally Does For Brown?

Deadman walking derek draperFrom Nadine Dorries Blog:

I think the sharks are circling. I think Gordon’s own side are out to get him.

That’s why he has written the letter, that’s why he wants Watson in place. Without him he is totally exposed.

I think smear gate may be the end for Gordon.

Tonight, John Prescott has called for Draper to be sacked.

The Prime Minister has few people he can trust; Watson is reportedly one of them. Watson is also a great facilitator. The go between people like Draper, Mc Bride and the PM and MPs. All seeing, all hearing.

If Watson went one could assume it would be a huge personal blow to the Prime Minister as he will have lost his right and left hand men in the space of days.

The Prime Minister can state he didn’t know what was happening and we can choose whether or not to believe him. However, who would believe that the Cabinet Minister, Tom Watson, whose desk was right next door to Damian McBride’s, and who was I have been told, mentioned in the emails, didn’t know?

John Prescott:

I’ve always believed as a Labour activist that we should campaign on the issues and the politics. But smear campaigns - be they in the newspapers or on the internet - are fundamentally wrong and only help to poison the political debate.

I understand one man has left his job at No10 – and quite rightly so. I believe Derek Draper should now follow him too.

He is not a paid official or even employed by the Labour Party and was just a voluntary adviser on new media.

But I’m sure that that the General Secretary will and should make clear that such advice is totally unacceptable and not wanted.

Tom Watson has stated that he was not involved in a reply to Craig Murray see below:

From Craig Murray's Blog:

April 12, 2009

Tom Watson Denies Involvement

Tom Watson has contacted me directly to deny any involvement in the whole McBride/Draper black propaganda caper.

I rather feel that he ought to have noticed what was going on immediately around him. But the evidence implicating him was circumstantial, and my enquiries today of people who know him personally seem to indicate that he is not a vicious character.

So I accept his statement.

There are some interesting comments on Nadines Blog Here

Including one regarding the letter below also from Craig Murray:

"April 13, 2009

Formal Request for Criminal Investigation of McBride and Whelan

I have today sent the following to Tom Watson MP:

Dear Mr Watson,

This is a formal communication to you in your ministerial capacity. I write as a former senior civil servant and a life member of the FDA.

It appears to me that there is the clearest of prima facie cases that Mr Damian McBride has committed the criminal offence of misconduct in public office. There appears a strong prima facie case also against Mr Charles Whelan.

I believe that you have a ministerial duty to draw this concern to the attention of the appropriate police authorities so that an investigation may be undertaken. No doubt you will wish to consult the Cabinet Secretary, but in the case of a credibly alleged breach of the criminal law, not only of the Civil Service Code, I believe you are also under an obligation to consult the police.

Yours Faithfully,

Craig J Murray "

It would appear to leave Draper with nowhere to turn and Gordon vulnerable to attack from within the party.


  1. Gordon is in the same position as SSmith with her husbands porn flick expenses.
    He either knew in which case he is responsible or he didn't in which case he was not in charge of things.


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