Well Done Guido.

Guido Blue PlaqueThanks for making this a very happy and enjoyable Easter break.


  1. Bravo! I'll second that! AND I love the pic LN! ;-)

  2. Excellent. I'd like one of those plaques as a cat sticker...if you don't think that's naff!

  3. err...sorry...meant CAR stcker...but I am sure my cat would be happy to sport one, too!

  4. Excellent piece of work Lawson.

    And yes, what a brilliant weekend its been for us all.
    Guido's a fucking hero!

  5. Thanks all! Guido, Golf and Graphic manipulation. Good stuff comes in threes.

    Apricot, I'll see if I can get stickers done tomorrow. Not sure if the glue will hold on cat fur though :)

    GOT, I haven't stopped laughing over the sleazetwat ad. Funny as Fuck

  6. We have a way to go yet, but yes, give Guido his due. He deserves it.

  7. Yeay! stickers! Brill! Cat mightily relieved. Car honoured.

  8. Car sticker please ( got no cat ).


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