Some Twats Never Learn. Sion Simon Apologises for Susan Boyle Slur

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Sion Simon, a Labour MP, was prompted to apologise after joking on Twitter that Susan Boyle, the Britain's Got Talent singer, may have somehow caused the swine flu outbreak.

On Monday at 12.55pm he posted: "I'm not saying Susan Boyle causes swine flu. I'm just saying nobody had swine flu, she sang on tv, people got swine flu."

Sion Simon, Minister In Need of Further Education.

Labour MPs were aghast. 'It's infantile, isn't it,' one says. 'Hasn't he got enough to do?'

For Simon, the minister for further education, was posting what he thought was a witty aside on the crisis just as it was confirmed a 12-year-old Devon girl had contracted the virus.

In 2006, he posted a spoof of David Cameron's video blog on YouTube, in which, pretending to be Cameron, he offered people one of his children and the opportunity to sleep with his wife.
He was heavily criticised at the time.


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