The NHS, Dan Hannan and the Shutup Gambit.

From Dan's Blog

Prescott is trying to fabricate a row out of my interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, in which I warned Americans against adopting a socialist healthcare system along British lines. You can watch the old bruiser here. (If you're an American who likes to imagine that the British are eloquent, please ignore that last hyperlink.)

I wonder whether anyone still falls for this sort of stuff. For a long time, Labour politicians had two slogans which they would trot out whenever healthcare came up: "Envy Of The World" and "Free At The Point Of Use". These phrases were not intended to be arguments. Rather, they were ways of playing your trump, of closing down the debate.

This is what Prezza is really saying:

Are we going to do what the "Pie Eater "tells us to do?  Perhaps we should say Go Forth and Multiply You Twats.


  1. John Prescott, several Genes short of a Genome should SHUT UP himself, fat cunt.

  2. Yeh, Dan made that pretty obvious didn't he?
    Ali C got shredded, Draper got the kitchen sink thrown at him elsewhere today and spinny winny maestro numero uno, got more than green custard in Iraq. Prescott needs to up his game now. Broon ain't gonna get happy if someone doesn't rush to his rescue.


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