Legal Bill Leads to Suicide.

Housing campaigner committed suicide after receiving a £3,000 legal bill from Hazel Blears

Neil Hill, who had challenged a rent rise for hundreds of tenants, e-mailed the Treasury solicitors saying: 'By the time you receive this I will be dead, having committed suicide. I hope you feel very proud of yourselves.

'Before you send another poor old person a bill for £3,000 please think of the consequences.

'Perhaps you'd like to explain to my family why I can no longer cope and what your position was in ending my life.'

He then hanged himself.

Although the e-mail was sent last Saturday - April 18 - Treasury solicitors did not alert Greater Manchester Police until three days later.


  1. Neil Hill, a real hero, Hazel Blears and her Gestapo Lawyers = bunch of cunts who need dying, a.s.a.p.


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