Jacqui Smith Is A Cunt!

Jacqui, seriously, you are the most cuntiest cunt that those cunts in westcuntminster have ever cum across.

Old Holborn wants you to swear at Jacqui


  1. the cunt to end all cunts. an epic cunt of biblical proportions. jacqui, your a CUNT. C U N T.

  2. Jacqui Smith is a weapons grade cunt, claimed back on expenses of course.

  3. Well known cunt Jacqui, soon to be Ex Home Seketry, Smith responded to claims that she is a cunt by announcing " Calling Her Majesties chief ministers derogatory names is not acceptable and will not be tolerated..."

    But she was ignored as Gordon Brown, attempting to join the populist bandwaggon. announced on Britains Got Talent
    " Britain certainly does have talent but that well known cunt Jacqui Smith does does not and the nation will join me in shouting

    "Jacqui cunt for brrains Smith YOU'RE FIRED ! "


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