Final Nail In Jacqui Smith's Coffin

Ms Smith was in the firing line today for failing to grasp the scale of the threat of defeat. A setback on an opposition motion is almost unprecedented.

As the prospect of defeat loomed, the Home Secretary made two last-minute concessions - a block on deporting 200 Gurkhas and a shake-up of the rules before the summer recess.

But her compromise was not sent out until after 3pm, when the debate was drawing to a close and when many Labour MPs were away from their computers.

Graham Stringer, a Labour backbencher, said the concessions answered '85 to 90 per cent' of his concerns, but said the email arrived too late to stop the rebellion's momentum.

He said: 'If it had come 48 hours earlier, this wouldn’t have happened.'

Daily Mail


  1. Rubbish from Stringer, covering his own arse!

  2. How fickle is the game of power? First they stick together to give us the most monumental fucking in British history, minus lube, then tired of that and now they are on the slippery slope, they've started shafting each other...tut tut, there's loyalty for you

  3. Not quite the last, this is Jacqui. Give that woman something and she will fuck it up, unless its her hubby who has to make do with porn.

  4. They're all ganging up on her because she's a poor ickle woman. It's got nothing to do with her being an inept, money grubbing, fat cunt.


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