Arsetrological Outlook For Jacqboots

Jacqboots Scraps State Email Database Plan.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith today ditched plans for a giant Government database tracking all emails, phone calls and internet activity.

Ms Smith said a central store of electronic data was an "extreme" solution and would have undermined privacy.

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said: "I am pleased that the Government has climbed down from the 'Big Brother' plan for a centralised database of all our emails and phone calls.

"However, any legislation that requires individual communications providers to keep data on who called whom and when will need strong safeguards on access."

"It is simply not that easy to separate the bare details of a call from its content. What if a leading business person is ringing Alcoholics Anonymous, or a politician's partner is arranging to hire a porn video?"


  1. Thank God for that.. They seem to be climbing down from everything at the moment (barr power of course!) ;-)

  2. They're falling to pieces! I give them 6 months - tops!

  3. If things carry on at the current pace they may have to face a vote of no confidence very shortly. (fingers crossed)

  4. well how the mighty fall! (not that jackboots was ever mighty, shes a cunt) wonder what the odds would be that they will all be gone before the end of the year?


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