Ali D does a Hoon.

Alistair Darling has claimed thousands of pounds in expenses to fund a second home despite renting out his London flat and having the use of two grace-and-favour properties, it has emerged.

But Gordon Brown says he has more important issues than MPs' expenses to deal with.

Quick note to Gogo Gordon. STOP FUCKING DOING IMPORTANT THINGS,  it's destroying the Friggin Country you Twat! Tell those porcine kids you call ministers to give the money back, then fucking leave us alone and get proper jobs. 

Oh, and while you're  not doing "Important Things" anymore, (because we can't afford it) can you tell that Smith leech to stop reading my emails? I mean, she didn't like her fucking private life being poured over by all and sundry, did she? 


  1. The feathering of nests is led by Gordo Snotty. Live at our expense, every single penny spent ours. Meanwhile your salary languishes, untouched, offshore.

  2. Absolutely on the money! I wish they'd all fuck off and get proper jobs. Sponging bastards.

  3. Reality outage fuckwits, all of them. Oh btw Jacqui SSmith and your porn obsessed wanker husband, you don't need to read my e-mails to undestand why I would try to subvert and destroy your 'Government'.
    I hope you both get blown to smithereens in a Jihadi Improvised Roadside Explosion. Cunts.

  4. IEBOC, I see trouble ahead (to coin a phrase)but it will affect those who would spy on us more than those they wished to spy upon.

    Jacqboots has had a taste of the disaster yet to emerge already. If my name was Richard Timney, I think I would be seeking the advice of a really, seriously good Max Clifford type person.


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