Troughers Win Right to Edit Receipts!

MPs will be given the chance within days to edit receipts submitted to justify their expense claims before they are made public.

Details that identify individual suppliers, as well as any items on bills not paid for by the taxpayer, can be blacked out by MPs during the next month, Commons officials said.

MPs opposed to full publication of the receipts say that the information could be used to identify their homes and could put themselves and their families at risk. They will be invited to check receipts submitted for the past five years within days and edit out identifying details. Some plan to use the process to delay release well beyond the planned publication date this summer.

Talk about "them and us!"

Fuck the Fucking lot of you. You're troughing in the last chance saloon and you are too far removed from reality to realise where this is heading.

Dan Hannan had you down to a tee. "You know, and we know, and you know that we know that it’s nonsense! "

Your time of taking the piss is over. Stop now. Quit. Leave us alone. Just fuck off and don't come back.

We'll send your P45 on to which ever Country allows you asylum.


  1. Since we're apparently moving towards Sharia law, let's start a trial programme by cutting off the hands of greedy politicians.

  2. Troughligate cunts, your adresses ( including your second ones ) are a matter of public record you liers.


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