Tots Warned of Police Action

Three children under the age of six have been accused of verbal abuse and anti-social behaviour by Lincoln police.

Mum Shelly Hubbard (24) was shocked when a letter arrived on official police notepaper saying that complaints had been made about her kids.

In the hand-delivered document, PCSO Tony Kennedy stated: "Children from your address are involved in incidents of anti-social behaviour and nuisance problems.

"We have received a number of complaints over the past few weeks regarding these youths being abusive when asked to stop playing football in the street and there are also allegations regarding possible damage to property."

Miss Hubbard, of Halton Close, Birchwood, Lincoln, said there was no way little Olivia (five), Megan (four) and Lennon Poyser (two) could be involved in anti-social behaviour.

"I thought it must be a mistake," said Miss Hubbard. "So when I got the letter I rang them because I thought they must have the wrong address, but they checked and said it was right.

"I've never heard anything like it."

"It says if a neighbour complains then I should move him on – but Lennon's two, what can I do? Where can I move him on to?"

Inspector David Legg of Lincolnshire Police has apologised for the distress this has caused.

PCSO Tony Kennedy, fearless in the face of tiny terror. Bet you're getting the piss ripped now.


  1. it gets worse and worse. Jobsworths all in Snotgobbler's own image.

  2. This is what I mean, it's all gone nuts. If she hasn't got her children under control whose fault is it? Hers!

    It's the parents that should be prosecuted.

  3. If she had not had them under control then I would agree Sue. However the child in question was two years old and according to the article was barely walking. It was a mistake and Inspector Legg apologised for that reason.

  4. Tossers tried to criminalise this family on the basis or rumour and speculation; clearly no-one bothered to ask her side of the story before dishing out the guilty ASBO.

    Well done that woman for standing up for herself.


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