Tom Harris, Dan Hannan and Vaclav Klaus.

Tom Harris (who?) thinks that Dan's speech on Brown was in someway unpatriotic.

Gordon Brown isn’t just Labour’s prime minister; he’s Britain’s prime minister, and for any UK politician to launch such a disgraceful, personal attack on his country’s leader — in a foreign country — is nothing short of disgraceful.

Well, I snitched this from Dan's latest post

Awareness of their unpopularity makes [them] frightened and tetchy which in turn makes them lash out at opponents. Last month, Klaus came to the European Parliament and made a moderately Euro-sceptic speech. The EU had been a great success, he said, but it was in danger of drifting away from its peoples. All polities worked better when there was an opposition, he added. We should all listen to dissenting voices. The response of MEPs? To shout abuse and then storm out. Deliciously, they staged their walk-out just as Mr Klaus reached his point about listening to different points of view, thereby neatly vindicating his critique.

What happened next vindicated him even more, for not one of the protesting MEPs was so much as ticked off. Last year, by contrast, when a group of MEPs had held up banners in the chamber with the word "referendum", the parliamentary authorities went ballistic: ushers were sent in to take away our placards, the party leaders made pompous speeches comparing us to the Nazis and 14 of us were later fined.

I guess Tom can count himself lucky not to be a Czech then, or to be seeking a referendum.


  1. Harris, another dumb Labour piece of very bad work. Our Prime Minister? A Labour placeman the shits hadn't the balls to challenge. A war criminal as well.

  2. Well at least Tom is one of the 1.2million people who have watched Dans speech.
    Could he explain how the floor of the European Parliament is a foreign country ? Like it or not our sovereignty currently resides there.


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