This EX MP is Appealing (apparently)

Helen Clark, the former Labour MP accused of being drunk and disorderly in a hotel, has told a court how she descended into "the third circle of hell" after being arrested. 

Clark represented Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, between 1997 and 2005

She has described how she was "bundled" into a van, made to strip and forced to don a "suicide suit" at a police station. 

She told Peterborough Magistrates' Court that the episode caused her to have nightmares.

It appears that she was forced to wear "yesterdays clothes" and had on her dirty knickers from the previous day,  and all becaues of this  captured on video. ( This vid keeps disappearing on Youtube)

"I was bundled in the back of the van," said Clark. "I didn't have time to put on fresh underwear or tights. I was wearing yesterday's dirty clothes to compound my humiliation." 

She added: "I had to take my clothes off in front of police officers. I had to strip. I was put in a suicide suit. I had to take my knickers off in front of police officers – they had to pick them up from the floor. I was in the third circle of hell." 

Clark said she was told to don the special suit after police officers became concerned about her behaviour in a cell. 

She added: "I became very frightened and claustrophobic and started banging on the door. 

"Two weeks later I woke up in the middle of the night screaming. I thought I was in prison. I thought I had been incarcerated." 

I think the police were really the victims here. It's probably them who should be having the nightmares, induced by her personal attack on the arresting officers, that is later described to the court.

The court had also heard that, when police arrived at her home to arrest her, she told officers: "I remember in the Seventies when police were referred to as 'pigs'. That's what you all are – pigs. Look, everyone, I'm being arrested by the pigs." 

Funny how they become "pigs" when they aren't protecting you from "us" isn't it?
She said she had "perfect pitch recall" of events in the Great Northern Hotel on June 15 and denied being "disorderly or out of control" and she said she had no previous criminal convictions. 

Welcome to reality. (well apart from the fact you didn't mean pitch.) The place that your party of choice decided we all shall live. You have been judged to have committed a criminal offense. Perfectly innocent people get the same experience that you have had and their voices never get to be heard unlike that day in the Great Northern Hotel.

From the Peterborough Today site:

Former Labour MP for Peterborough Helen Clark was today (Thursday) given a conditional discharge after a two-day trial at Peterborough magistrates court.
Ms Clark was found guilty of using threatening words and behaviour to hotel bar staff.

Clark, who had denied any offence, was found not guilty of being drunk and disorderly.

The video statement, from your lawyer, records the fact, that you intend to appeal. Do you really think you deserve any less than you already have? You got a conditional discharge, leave it at that now please.



  1. " I had to strip. I was put in a suicide suit. I had to take my knickers off in front of police officers – they had to pick them up from the floor. I was in the third circle of hell." Ha Ha Ha. Helen, being gang-raped and bayoneted to death is the third circle of hell, not yesterdays knickers love.

    Will the silly cow really humiliate herself futher by appealing ? I really want to be there if she does.


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