Second Home Secretary Ambushed by Nasty Woman.

Sandra Holey, chief executive of Refuge laid the boot in at High Profile launch of the Home Secs latest piece of divisive and authoritarian bollocks.

“The Government is hoping to get away with useless initiatives like this register and it is hypocritical to sound tough and do little.” 

Ms Smith attempted to interrupt the tirade but she was shouted down and Ms Holey continued, insisting that the recent case of Sabina Akhtar showed that not enough was being done. 

"I’m afraid this is just spin and PR. . . The majority of violent men don’t come to the attention of police and it won’t keep women safe. 

“Police can’t be expected to monitor relationships and love lives of offenders.”

It's okay though, The Solicitor General saved her from further assaults.

This Quote:

 And those of us with brains can see this shit for exactly what it is, vote grabbing. Sexist vote grabbing. Sexist vote grabbing by females. It’s just shite.

From mummylonglegs

Might give you a bit of clue where you're going wrong Jacqui.


Ihatejaquismith has a post up on this as well, with a little bit extra at the end.


  1. O/T but following your mummylonglegs link took me to the 'protest' in Luton against our brave soldiers parading.
    Given what a huge minority the Muslims form in that benighted town, it really was a very tiny affair.

  2. IEBOC,
    Maybe it was a field trip for students?


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