Police Protection For Luton Protester.

 Islamic extremist who abused British troops is given 24-hour police protection

Daily Mail

Yousaf Bashir was part of a gang that hurled abuse at 200 members of the Royal Anglian Regiment as they marched through Luton last Tuesday after a second tour of duty in Iraq.

The moves comes after the semi-detached home Bashir shares with his parents was attacked on Friday.
Two downstairs windows and the glass in the front door were smashed, and the rear windows of two cars parked in the driveway were shattered.

Two police officers have been stationed in a marked car outside the property since the attacks and a CCTV camera has also been installed.


A more positive way of showing your feelings

The Royal Anglian Regiment Museum Appeal

Donations in support can be made online at www.justgiving.com

Fundraising target: £360,000.00
Donations so far: £ 136,030.00


  1. Meanwhile more troops die in support of so called freedoms. Bring them home.

  2. "In a show of solidarity for the soldiers, seven of Mr Bashir's neighbours decorated their homes with Union Jack flags."

    That'll be them off for re-education no doubt.

  3. Ye gods.

    Can you hear the silence from Mister Cameron right now...?


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