Phil Woolas Has No Idea.

Douglas Carswell asked:


a) "How many illegal immigrants are resident in the UK?"

The minister says he doesn't know...

b) "Ministers will recall that thousands of illegal migrants have been found to work in the security industry. Last month, it was revealled a mere 35 had been removed. Would the minister please tell the House how many more have since been removed?"

Minister says he doesn't know...

From epolitix this:

"Ministers also admitted that the government was not able to give an accurate assessment of the number of illegal immigrants residing in the UK. 

Immigration minister Phil Woolas told the Commons that the government aims to be able to count 95 per cent of illegal immigrants in and out of the country by 2010, hitting 100 per cent by 2014."

That will be 100% of the one with less sense than you then Woolarse. All the others will just creep in through the backdoor you forgot to shut.

Phil Woolas is Minister of State for borders and immigration. 


  1. Phil Woollyarse knows fuck all and should kill himself pronto for being a know-nothing cunt.

    And don't think that the soon to be exit permits will do anything except snoop upon the indigenous.

    Handy Hint for Phil #1 click here to end it all.

  2. He'll click on it and when nothing happens he'll order a new database and an inquiry, to prevent nothing ever happening again.


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