International Special Consideration Day.

Labourspissed has had a wonderful day of backslapping and hugging - but only for "wimmin" it seems. I haven't had a look over there for weeks, (it costs too much for replacement keyboards) so I thought I would take a quick peek. I wish I hadn't now. Apparently "wimmin" are massively under-represented on the interweb thingy.

LabourList is drowned out by ego-stroking testosterone - It's time for a virtual feminist party

Well, Muffled Vociferation has a special message just for "Them" at her place.

The Court of Public Opinion has already spoken on Harriet.  It would appear she hasn't seen fit to pass that message on to you. It was, "Shut the Fuck Up," no-one wants to hear anymore. You are history. Labour has passed it's sell by date. Stop telling us what to do, how to think, who we can talk to, where we can go without your permission, what we can say without approval from those who think they know best. Just FUCK OFF!!

This has been a Public Service Message For Those That Haven't Quite Understood That They Aren't Wanted Anymore.


  1. That's fucking right.

    I wish they would all just fuck the fucking fuck off and leave us alone.

  2. They're like fucking guests that don't know when to fucking fuck off and leave you alone. Or piss poor double glazing salesmen, with selective hearing, that don't have the ability to realize, that FUCKING FUCK OFF, means, it might be best if they left the premises before you resort to more extreme measures.

    I'll be sober in the morning. They will always be, too fucking thick to realise, they have never been anything more, than a question that was never asked.

  3. Jacqui SSmith should join her, wasting their time rather than ours spouting shite & more shite, together with that silly old cow Margaret Beckett and her mates Tessa shit for brains Jowell, Beverley I'm In Charge Hughes, Yvette Cunt Cooper, Baroness Fuck Off Scotland, Caroline Hard As Flint and last but least Hazel Bleary Blears. Hilary Benn can join too since he sounds like a fucking woman.

  4. Want we want is more and more Government. How about every ministerial post has a man, woman, gay and lesbian person in post? Oh, hang on............


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