Harriet Slapped.

Gary Slapper, Professor in Law says:

Just as people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, so people whose political careers are not blotless should be careful about appealing to “the court of public opinion

He goes on to say:

In fact, if the Government stepped into the court of public opinion it might be convicted on a number of counts. If you do news searches on Harriet Harman, and lots of her colleagues including Jacqui Smith and Peter Mandelson, you will see that their careers have not been entirely unproblematic and that were they, at times, to have stood before “the court of public opinion” and subject to its judgments they might not today be in the cabinet.

One segment of the Court of Public Opinion convenes here, it has quite a following.

When you talk to such men about why Harriet Harman is so often the focus of their enmity, you quickly discover that they believe Harriet Harman to be a selfish, self-serving, deceitful, dishonest hypocrite who seems to think nothing about destroying the lives of people simply in order to pursue her own personal ambitions - ambitions that seem mostly to do with her own self-aggrandisement, power and wealth.

I'm sure Harriet will disagree with much of the public's opinions that are expressed on that site, however popular they are with a large sector of society.  No matter how dismissive she is however, their opinions are growing ever more powerful.


  1. Harperson sucks?

    Well after eight pints I might let her...

  2. Only eight? She'd have to buy me at least 15 and an expensive dinner before I'd even consider it. I here Jack comes much more cheaply.

  3. Brown even cheaper. Show a terry towelling cloth and he's anybodies. Mandy told me.

  4. The only thing that I'd like to slap into that self edifying twat's twat, is a fucking chainsaw.

    Not that I'm fucking angry or anything.

    BTW, she seems to have escaped the G.O.T. treatment so far. Well that's going to fucking change, I can fucking tell you.


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