Harriet and Pandora's Box.

Prescott has form on the pension front.

Prescott heads revolt over judges' pensions

He didn't get his way on that one.

Harriet should be careful when calling for a change in the Law of Contract and Private Property.

She may have to take a look at ACPO and Copper's pensions as well.

Funny thing about the "real public" Harriet, they aren't always as amenable to your machinations as you may wrongly believe.

What will you do the next time Batman camps on your roof? Call a policeman? Get a court order to evict him? They may well decide that the "Law" doesn't apply in your case. Civil matter innit Madame. 

Of course, I realise, that you were just uttering the equivalent of a "Tweet" for the masses in your interview with that forgettable Marr. But really, did you have to stick both of your feet in it for the sake of a soundbite?

Reality is very different outside the Luvvy Circuit of Westminster and the Beeb. 

Some views differ from your's, here's one and another here yet another here.

There are hundreds more on the blogosphere, all in the same vein. Is every one wrong but you? (and Gordon, obviously.)

BTW, I thought the make up artists, at the Brown Broadcasting Compadres, did a wonderful job hiding the Nokia Logo on your forehead.


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