Government by Fear.

Tory Totty has a post that made me look at this:
Is this really what Gordon and the Lieboreites wish for us?
Ian Parker Josephs on PJC Journal believes it may be so.
especially when you read his previous post: 'Will you open fire on UK citizens' Army personnel being asked.
Leg Iron appears to have similar misgivings
The Gorgonites under Straw and Smith and others appear to be winding us up for a confrontation. Telling us to hate the bankers, to despise foreign workers, the boozers, fat people,
anyone but  "them."
Why on earth should we give to "them," what they desire the most?
While they're ripping themselves to pieces, they don't need any help from us.


  1. Every individual in the world is either running away from fear or running towards happiness.

    When a government sets up barracades, ignoring the will of individual to achieve, it will be held accountable.

  2. But society will have been harmed. The damage will last for generations. Towns and villages will view each other with hatred and distrust.
    No real purpose will have been served.

    The Swing riots were a good example. Well intentioned to start with but, resulted in death, extortion and corruption.


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