Going for Broke Before The G20.

Kneejerk Reaction From Prime Monster

Despite growing resistance to new measures from the Treasury, the Bank of England and the CBI, Mr Brown is determined to not be put off announcing new spending plans in next month's Budget.

The Gorgon insisted on "targeted" plans for parts of the economy, extending to the mortgage market.

However, George Osbourne said:

Via Iain Dale

The President of Chile is right to point out, as we have done, that countries that put aside money in the good years are the ones that can afford to spend that money now without adding recklessly to national debt. Gordon Brown is getting lessons from the Latin Americans about sound public finances.

Iain doesn't believe this bodes well for Gordoom, the busted flush.


  1. "Gordon Brown is getting lessons from the Latin Americans about sound public finances."

    Brown, troughligate wanker.

  2. Gordy knows best, he doesn't need to listen to anyone, ever.

    He was laughing during Dan Hannan's speech because he thought it was never going to see the light of day. Fucking wrong, wrong, wrong!

    All of the vids of this latest tour of the world are going to bite the bastard in his big,fat,nappy wrapped arse.

    Where's Dolly on Gordy McTwat condoning racism by his silence yesterday?

    Bollocks to the fucking lot of the tossers.

    This has been a pissed off and pissed up broadcast on behalf the non-riotous party.

  3. Lawson Narse said...

    Good rant there, Lawson. Can't improve on that!

  4. Bravo Lawson! Well said! I concur entirely.


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