Information Commissioner Reports on CCTV in Pubs.

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"Nick Gibson said police insistence that he set up cameras to film every customer entering and leaving the premises would threaten drinkers' civil liberties.

The Information Commissioner's Office intervened, writing to the Metropolitan police to warn that the blanket introduction of CCTV in pubs "raised serious privacy concerns".

Yesterday it emerged that the police had dropped their conditions and Gibson was granted a licence for his pub - the Drapers Arms in Islington, north London"

The below, as far as Gloucestershire is concerned, seems to comply with the ICO's judgement, but it would appear that a great deal more Local Authorities do not.

Pubs say CCTV is business threat 

Pub landlords in Gloucestershire are warning that installing CCTV could force them out of business if they have to have the cameras to get a licence. 

More police forces insist on CCTV in return for supporting a licence application but Gloucestershire only requires it if there has been trouble. 

The Licensed Victuallers Association in the county says it is one more expense that pubs cannot afford. 

Landlords also claim the cameras are invasive and put off customers. 

Steve Herbert, who runs the Old Spot pub in Dursley, said: "It's crazy isn't it? Licensees have been hit so badly in the last couple of years. 

"We've had the smoking ban, the bad weather, duty increases well above the rate of inflation and we're having to cough up for it. 

"It's an invasion of privacy - absolutely no need."

Which police authorities have been enforcing a strict compliance with an apparently illegal condition on obtaining a license?


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