Crime of The Century

Student Faces Trial For Chalking On Pavement

Paul Saville, 23, a second-year sociology and criminology student at the University of the West of England, Bristol, was arrested, locked in a cell for two hours and forced to give DNA samples. 

His "crime" was simply to write on a pavement "Liberty. The right to question it. The right to ask: "Are we free?" in protest over what he says in the "loss of civil liberties" in Britain.

The Guardian have made him their Liberty Central "Hero of The Week"

After Henry Porter wrote of the ironic nature of the arrest

With a wonderful lack of irony, the officers told him to stop writing. When he added one more letter they arrested him for criminal damage. The second year sociology and criminology student told the Daily Telegraph: "The whole reason I was writing in chalk was because I wanted to get my message across without causing lasting damage.

Lucky he wasn't using paint, as they probably would have shot him.

It's Friday, lets have some music.


  1. Day in day out we become more and more like Stalin's Russia. Let us hope a change of Government will let us claim our freedom back.

  2. Would he have been arrested if he had chalked " Thank you Gordon, Saviour of the world, Quantitative Easing is really catching on "


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