Archers Brewery in Administration.

Swindon brewery Archers has gone into administration. 

The company, which produces specialist beers such as Golden and Crystal Clear, blamed a downturn in the pub trade for its difficulties. 

Insolvency practitioners Monahans have been appointed to act for the brewery and is seeking a buyer to keep the firm in production. 

The business has had to shed several staff recently to meet overheads and currently employs seven people. 

Administrator Paul McConnell said: " The company has been in decline for a while because of a drop in sales. 

"It is a victim of a decline in pub trade, the price of speciality beers and the smoking ban." 

"Lots of people have expressed an interest in the business, but only time will tell." 

Archers previously went into administration in May 2007, but was sold as a going concern. 

A message on its website said the company, based in the town's Penzance Drive, was "saddened" to announce the collapse of the business.


  1. Always sad to hear about a brewery going down the drain.

  2. Good old Labour. Fuck the working man, let's spend £20 million on a G20 summit!

  3. Smoking ban, falling sales.

    Personally, I feel perfectly positioned to take advantage of any upswing in the world economy - especially now that the US has a sensible man in charge...

    He's a militiaman in the Adirondacks somewhere, but I'm sure Mister Connor's ready for what comes next...


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