Where Have All The Bloggers Gone? (updated)

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What's going on?

Tractor Stats, Lord Elvis, Electro-Kev all Missing in Action.

Geert Wilders banned from entering the UK.

Free Speech is now non existent.
As Douglas Carswell MP said today "We are a lesser country than I thought we were"

Daniel1979 has a post on Freedom of Speech in which he says

"So, if we look at the world, and in particular the UK this week, have we taken a step closer or a step back from this Universal Declaration?

Let me offer something close to some quotations, for censorship in the UK is not an original tyranny..."

And Prodicus seems to be inviting a similar fate to Lord Elvis' blog in an oblique reference to the last post on the 10 Drowning Street blog.

It's been an interesting few days since I started this blogging lark.
Nice to have known you, even if for such a short time!


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