I'm Drinking To New Liebore On Gordo's Birthday.

Binge-drinking 'fuelled by work pressure'
Published Date: 20 February 2009
THE pressure to be "perfect" at work is fuelling the boom in binge-drinking, a psychologist has claimed.
Professor Anna van Wersch carried out a study of drinkers and found they struggled with the stress of having to control their emotions in the workplace.

Instead, they let off steam at weekends. And, despite government warnings about keeping to recommended weekly alcohol units, she did not believe bingeing was entirely unhealthy.

Prof van Wersch, who is from the Netherlands, said: "People in England are more high achievers than the Dutch. The quality of their work has to be perfect and their performance is much higher. There's a lot of pressure to do well, and to behave appropriately and control one's emotions, and that can be stressful.

"That's why I think the British put so much emphasis on having something to look forward to at the weekend: a chance to let off steam and let their hair down."

Pubs say CCTV is business threat 

Pub landlords in Gloucestershire are warning that installing CCTV could force them out of business if they have to have the cameras to get a licence. 

More police forces insist on CCTV in return for supporting a licence application but Gloucestershire only requires it if there has been trouble.

Steve Herbert, who runs the Old Spot pub in Dursley, said: "We've had the smoking ban, the bad weather, duty increases well above the rate of inflation and we're having to cough up for it.


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