Gorgon's Birthday.

Gordon's Birthday.

Here's How The Great Gordo Is Viewed.

Today, Gordon the Maroon said:

Everywhere I go in Britain, I sense and share the anger and dismay of millions of hard-working people who have watched in disbelief during a year in which irresponsible practices in global banks have brought the world's financial system close to collapse.

Because this has had an impact on every high street and in every home in Britain, anger alone is not enough - only bold action to protect those endangered through no fault of their own will do.

First, there must be no reward for failure. In practice this means that anybody associated with a loss cannot receive a bonus. That's not a special system designed to punish the bankers, but normal commonsense business practice.

Guess what? I ain't sending you a birthday card. You don't deserve one. 

Now Fuck Off and take a dose of the medicine you have prescribed for real hardworking families.


You're nothing but a figment of your own imagination. 

The Pope told you today you were not going to get a visit, he probably wondered how a lunatic had gained access to the inner sanctum and why the UK was shipping its somewhat challenged individuals to the Vatican. 

Oh, and by the way, take those dags you employ and stick em where you believe the sun shines from.(you may enjoy that)

Wishing you a very, very unhappy birthday, The British Public (Your Employers).


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