Anti-Photography Law is A "Pig's Breakfast" (allegedly)

Jacqui Smith failed to consult over new anti-photographer law

Pic originally posted to Ihatejacquismith

Alex Singleton writes:

"The Royal Photographic Society - established in 1853 - ought to have been at the top of the list of organisations consulted of how the law would work in practice. Yet the society, which has a Royal Charter, tells me that it has unsuccessfully been trying to meet Miss Smith over the past year, despite the encouragement and help of a backbench Labour MP."

Jacqui, it would seem, still has friends she can call on however, as some comments, made on this subject, on the Telegraph site have been "disappeared".

A slew of comments sticking up for the home sec (from Bob Roberts or a Mr Timney) are expected shortly.


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