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Leading doctors today weigh in on the debate over the government's role in promoting public health by demanding that ministers impose "fat taxes" on unhealthy food and introduce cigarette-style warnings to children about the dangers of a poor diet.
The demands follow comments last week by the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, who insisted the government could not force people to make healthy choices and promised to free businesses from public health regulations.
But senior medical figures want to stop fast-food outlets opening near schools, restrict advertising of products high in fat, salt or sugar, and limit sponsorship of sports events by fast-food producers such as McDonald's.
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  1. It's the global fat refinery vats that need attacking, coupled with stopping the regurgitation of rendered animal products back into their feed chain. BSE, anyone?

  2. This subject was aired on Radio 2 last week, one caller complaining about Jamie Olivers better school food campaign leading to food with no fat, no sugar, no salt resulting in no taste so now his children won't eat school dinners.

    Food Standards Agency to be abolished? Good. Another make-work trough kicked over.

  3. Even before Jamie Oliver started fucking up school dinners his recipes were absolute shite!


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