Thirteen Years Of Broken Pledges.

Despite the fact that in 1997 Tony Blair's manifesto promised to 'raise spending in real terms every year - and spend the money on patients not bureaucracy', the workforce of bureaucrats in the NHS is growing six times as quickly as the number of nurses, according to official figures.

Since Labour came to power, the number of managers has almost doubled, mainly as a result of the need to monitor Whitehall targets on waiting times.

The number of health service managers went up 12 per cent in one year, but the number of nurses increased by less than 2 per cent - and the number of health visitors plummeted.

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  1. Labour policies have led to the demolition of our way of life,
    the wholesale destruction of our
    social venues,freedoms bought by past generations cast away like flotsam. What does Cameron suggest?, carry on with the same
    social engineeering freakery.
    For the first time in 47 years this
    true blue says,"Dave,up yours."

    Gone Right


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