Should We Be Worried?

Has Guido been got at or is there a technical problem?


Panic over, order-order is back up.


  1. Posted a similar...Great minds and all that...
    This also happened on the day he broke the story...maybe his site gets overloaded?

  2. Seemed ok a couple of minutes ago.
    Now off to change pants, having just shit the other pair.
    I've had loads of hits from his site these last few days and for a moment thought that 'THEY' might be hot on the trail.

    I'm not paranoid though.

    Am I?

  3. GOT, you may have pissed off those bloody Meerkat people. Dodgy lot them meerkats, Roosky accents and offers you can't refuse.

    Let's be careful out there!

  4. Apricot, yes looks possible it was the sql server getting too many hits. Does make you wonder though.

  5. GOT: shit yer pants?! next you'll be gobbling snot!

  6. And then I'll be announcing that I'm, (oops, sorry I mean Gordoom) is so so sorry that he is going to resign with immediate effect!

  7. Guidos site does down for a while every day or so, including a few hours ago, but that is not a reason for us not to be worried.
    What is the gameplan if they take him or Old Holborn down ?


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