Labour, Nothing To Say?

Mandy says shut up and let us get on with screwing the electorate.

And Jacqui Smith is still a Cunt, just with nothing to say. About anything.

Except Hillsborough, because she wasn't asked.

Don't ask about expenses or porn or Damian Green.

She's got Nothing to say, Nada, No Comment.


  1. He's trying to shut us up.. well, it ain't going to happen, he's a patronising cheeky fuck!

  2. The spin machine is broken. No-one is listening to a word they spout anymore.
    It looks as if Mandy is having to do all the work now, in an effort to undo the damage that Guido has inflicted. Alistair Cuntball looks to be favourite for a peerage if he lends some weight to back up Herself the right royal consort of Gord.
    Shut up would be the best option available to Labour at the this time.
    Hope Guido has something explosive later :)

    Cool to see you back btw!

  3. the spin machine isn't broken, just that mandy and his mates have fucked us all so hard for so long, they never stopped to see the necessity of buying lube and now it's seized up.

  4. i dont like it when things go quiet. especially when jackboots goes quiet..that cunt is up to something.


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