Darling Admits He Got It Wrong

Alistair Darling, has admitted that he and his Treasury officials got it wrong over the length and severity of the recession and that he will be forced to tear up his economic predictions. his statement, to the Times, warns that there will be no economic recovery until the end of the year. 

Darling insisted that last Thursday’s G20 agreement in London would help to boost the global economy, which was crucial for Britain’s emergence from the downturn. 

He also said it was important to be honest with voters about the situation. “We have to be realistic about this,” he said. “You cannot, you must not, build up false hope.”

Hopes that the summit could signal the beginning of the end of the recession were fuelled by a Nationwide building society report showing the first rise in house prices for 16 months and also a series of indicators in Britain and other countries which some economists interpreted as the “green shoots” of recovery. 

Darling cautioned against attaching much significance to the findings: “I would say with any figures that come out, you want to be pretty careful about one set of numbers, no matter what they show.”

“I still come across people in the banking industry who give you the distinct impression that once this is all over, we’ll be back to where we were. 

“Well, no you can’t, the culture needs to change, the attitude needs to change – I’m afraid there are still people out there who don’t realise the world has changed.”

In a dismissal of claims by the Tories that Britain could have to seek help from the International Monetary Fund, He said the Conservatives had repeatedly "made the wrong judgement” over the economic crisis: “The position that David Cameron and George Osborne have taken is just plain wrong and if they don’t believe me, they should have a good look at what happened when they were around in office 15 years ago.”

It's all the Tories fault isn't it? Never Brown's, never Labour failures. Always those wicked right wingers.


  1. Of course it's everybody else's fault. If they just did as they're told all would be well. Shits.


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