Don't Even Think About It.

Don't even think about watching the Simpsons. You may well be breaking an unwritten law.

It may be illegal to even look at images, in order to possess them. Even if they are cartoons on the TV.

From the Register:

Miss Willott has clearly done her homework. She noted that whilst the Internet Watch Foundation focuses on images that can be downloaded – the traditional web route – images accessed through other means, such as streaming, are not within its remit.

She asked Mr Starmer: "If someone is watching streaming images online, there would be no actual copy on their computer, so they would not technically be in possession."

He replied: "It would be for the courts to interpret the meaning of possession. We would proceed on the basis that there should be no such loophole."

Well done Kier, Playing Safe Behind The Law of Unintentional Consequences.


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