Oh do get stuffed!

P-A-X-M-A-N, that'll be pronounced Tw@t then, will it?


  1. It must have been extremely tempting for Nigel to twat him right there and then!

  2. Tw@tso never recovered from the "what do you park your car in" gag.
    I thought Farage was very kind to deal with him in such a patient and thoughtful way. It must be very difficult having to deal with such immature, smug, sarcastic halfwits at the Biased Broadcasting Corpse.

  3. Nigel was quite right to bang on about defence spending. A trainee at a local military establishment was bemoaning the fact that nothing on base worked, not even the cashpoint machine!
    Sack 2 million public servants, yes; lock up more scumbags, good.

    Despite some of the audience looking like state scroungers they seemed to regard Nigel with respect, reflecting their inner feelings?


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