Kevin Maguire seems to believe that we're going to unquestioningly swallow this bit of bollocks seen at Guido's place

"Was the hacking of Telford MP David Wright’s Twitter site linked to the theft of his laptop – containing his passwords – from the Commons? It struck me as odd when a poke at the Cons popped up, supposedly Tweeted by him. Scepticism is my middle name but, on this one, I’d believe the Telford lad over his Right-wing accusers. Wright’s no wet lettuce but he’s a straight and thoughtful politician, particularly for a Government whip.

Didn't think to change his passwords then? Surprised if IT didn't insist on it. The security of the Commons seems to somewhat lacking, no wonder all that data keeps leaking out. What did Plod have to say when he reportedthe theft and subsequent misuse of his accounts? Was his mobile, from which the tweet originated, also go missing?

That hole keeps getting deeper David. Maybe you should get Kev to stop digging now. Even better, resign.

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