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Quick, before it's too late.

What's stopping you from stopping them?
73% want an end to the EU's profligacy.
Sign the petition. You know you want to!
Click To Sign Up For Freedom.

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Unprecedented? Not Really Dave.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said today a 6 per cent rise in the EU budget for 2011 'will be blocked' after David Cameron won crucial backing in his fight to limit a spending increase.
But Tory grandees immediately accused the Prime Minister of a ‘Vichy-style’ surrender for agreeing any rise at all.
Mr Cameron faces a backlash from the Tory right after building a coalition of 11 countries in favour of a hike of no more than 2.9 per cent - despite earlier claiming he would push for the budget to be ‘cut or frozen’.
Lord Tebbit, the Eurosceptic former chairman of the party, told him that agreeing to such a rise - equivalent to an extra £430million from the UK - would be comparable to the humiliation of the French regime’s 1940 cave-in to the Nazis.
Source:-Daily Mail

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Tax Your Breath Away.

Royal Society Humiliated
German born chemist, Dr Klaus L. E. Kaiser has published evidence that proves the Royal Society (RS), London, has been caught out making schoolboy errors in mathematical calculations over the duration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth's atmosphere. Backed up by a review by a leading Swedish mathematics professor the revelation is a serious embarrassment to the credibility of the once revered British science institute and a major setback for its claims about climate change.

Current understanding indicates that even if there was a complete cessation of emissions of CO2 today from human activity, it would take several millennia for CO2 concentrations to return to preindustrial concentrations

The German chemist expertly dismantles the claims by the Royal Society that it would take "millennia" for atmospheric CO2 to return to preindustrial levels. Such a claim, he says, "cannot be true."

Taking the Royal Society to task Kaiser refers to several p…

10:10 The Downfall.


Pissing It All Away.

Via England Expects:-
The Parliament is currently passing the Budget of the European Union and one budget line in the Parliament section caught my eye, (page 22, of this document line 1632)
Social contacts between members of staff and other social measuresAnd what is this budget line for? A budget line which amounts to 310,000 Euros? It is an
"appropriation 'to encourage and provide financial backing for schemes to promote social contact between staff of different nationalities, ... subsidies to staff clubs, sports associations, cultural societies ...'"Fortunately somebody on the Budget Committee spotted it and put in an amendment to cancel it saying,
Is Parliament a playground or a place of work?Of course given that that somebody was a chap called Lucas Hartong and he is a Dutch MEP from Gert Wilders' PVV his amendment was rejected. The net result is that you are paying 310,000 Euros for EP staff members to indeed have a rather wonderful, multi-linguistic and…

Obnoxio Has Fucked Off.

Image via Wikipedia Fucking hell! The Fucking ugly bastard that made Tourettes fashionable again, has finally decided to fuck his last fuck and has retired from the fray. What an absolute cunt! Fuck off you utter bastard! Sob.

Still that leaves room for new twats to spew their ire and vent their spleen upon unsuspecting members of the blogosphere.

Here's one now  He's a bit shy, so he may need encouraging with lots of linky love!

You Will Be Assimilated


Righ Then Dave, About That Referendum

From Dan Hannan's Blog:-
 Eurocrats want formal recognition from the United Nations. They want Herman Van Rompuy to be able to address the General Assembly as a head of state, and to create a seat for Baroness Ashton, the EU’s foreign minister (hat-tip, EU Observer).
Ian PJ has this to say:-

We need to demand now that referendum that has so long been denied us, before the occupation of a foreign power becomes permanent.
They may eventually get their way in the UN, but I and many others will never accept it. Under those circumstances do not be surprised if a very large number of political commentators, pundits and the public very quickly become freedom fighters, all across Europe. I hope Cameron and Clegg can live with that.
It's time to walk the walk Dave, because the bullshit is heading straight for the fan.
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Make Your Voice Heard.

Have Your Say and Sign The Pledge
The EU Referendum Pledge is an opportunity for the people of Britain to communicate to the political class their demand to be heard. The intention of the campaign is to amass and place on public record the names of all of us who demand the right to be consulted in a legally binding referendum. Related articles by ZemantaThe EU Referendum Campaign is launched ( YouGov poll: Britain would vote by 47 per cent to 33 to leave the EU ('s criticisms of the EU are at least understandable. But a referendum would be an expensive distraction ( Referendum Campaign Launches ( seeks 'in or out' EU vote ( Referendum pledge ( All Central Governments ( article: A step towards Europe ( the EU referendum pledge ( must pass to give EU Bill real strength ( …

Never Forgotten


Free Anthony Malone NOW You Corrupt Bastards.

On line fight for British ex para’s release escalates as he is sent back to Afghan prison cell after failed court hearing12:21am Friday 6th August 2010 By Catherine Houston »
THOUSANDS of members of an on line support group are intensifying their fight to have a Teesside serviceman released from an Afghan jail after he was refused his freedom by the Afghan authorities at a court hearing. Anthony Malone 37, an ex paratrooper from Billingham is being held in Pul-i-Charkhi prison in Afghanistan for allegedly owing thousands of dollars.
After an intense two and a half hour court hearing on Monday Mr. Malone and his lawyer Kimberley Motley were informed that the original verdict was to be upheld by the court.
Mr. Malone has already served six months longer than his two-year jail sentence after he was arrested on fraud charges in January 2008. Maria Blades, …
Stop This:- 'Innocent' student extradited to Greek prison hell under EU arrest warrant.'Ben Herdman, 20, was due to start his final year studying business at Brighton University soon. Instead he and his friends were extradited this week, accused of attacking a man outside a nightclub in Crete two years ago and leaving him in a coma.
They were flown to Athens yesterday. Lawyers for the five claim the case against them is 'ridiculously weak', but they were powerless to prevent the extradition as the Greek authorities used the controversial European Arrest Warrant to force them to stand trial.

They are likely to spend up to 18 months in a squalid Greek prison until their case is heard, and face ten-year sentences if found guilty.
Last night the mother of one of the young men warned: 'Parents, be very afraid – this summer it could be your sons wrongly accused yet you'll be powerless to stop their extradition and immediate detention.'

Accused: Be…

Lies from the eu, a land of fantasy and misdirection.

Grateful thanks to Avril King for this post.

Truths, Myths and other EU phemisms.
Today, at a one day conference, we heard from a succesful businessman, whose company holds a Queen's Award for Exports. His business exports 90% of its production. He had a very interesting tale to tell.

The UK has a £40 billion trade deficit with the EU, whilst we have a trade SURPLUS with the USA.
For every £100 worth of goods we export to the EU we IMPORT £130 worth.
Norway and Switzerland export more to the EU than does the UK.
Mexico has a free trade agreement with the EU.

It is said that we export at least 50% to the EU. This is not true. That figure includes goods sent to Antwerp and Rotterdam and forward shipped to the rest of the world.
Why are we sending goods via Antwerp and Rotterdam?
a) because more ships go from those ports than from,say, Felixtowe. (Remember when London had the biggest European Freight Docks?)
b) (and here's the kicker) We import so much from, and expor…

Nanny, I saw this and thought of you!

Leading doctors today weigh in on the debate over the government's role in promoting public health by demanding that ministers impose "fat taxes" on unhealthy food and introduce cigarette-style warnings to children about the dangers of a poor diet.
The demands follow comments last week by the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, who insisted the government could not force people to make healthy choices and promised to free businesses from public health regulations.
But senior medical figures want to stop fast-food outlets opening near schools, restrict advertising of products high in fat, salt or sugar, and limit sponsorship of sports events by fast-food producers such as McDonald's.Two words: GET STUFFED! Related articles by ZemantaFood Standards Agency to be abolished ( call for 'fat tax' on junk food ( Lansley: Occasional Mars bar is fine if overall diet is good ( does know best, Andrew …

Armed Forces Day.

Please Listen To This.

Obama's Got His Finger On The Button.

A new bill sponsored by Senator Joe Lieberman would give the president the authority to “seize control of or even shut down portions of the Internet,” according to CNET. This essentially gives the president a “kill switch” on the internet during times of emergency.

Not only does Lieberman’s bill extend presidential powers, it also creates a new agency inside the Homeland Security Department called the National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications. The bill would mandate that the new agency would include "no less" than two deputy directors, and liaison officers to the Defense Department, Justice Department, Commerce Department, and the Director of National Intelligence.

Say no to Joe, call your Senators and tell them NOT to support the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act. 

H/T Freedomworks
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Vuvuzela Upsets Hitlers World Cup Enjoyment


The Righteous Won't Get It.

First came this:
Unhealthy living is almost universal in Scotland, with virtually everyone in the country putting themselves at risk, according to a study. Glasgow University researchers analysed data from 6,574 people who took part in the 2003 Scottish Health Survey.
They identified five factors which contributed most to disease in richer countries - smoking, drinking, poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity.
The report found that 97% of Scots had at least one of the risk factors. 
Then along came  Barry O'Barmy, King of all the Most Righteous with this:

Click on image to go large with extra fries
So I thought a parable was in order to demonstrate how real people think. And why, the Righteous, will fail in the endeavours.

The couple were 85 years old and had been married for sixty years.  Though they were far from rich, they managed to get by because they watched their pennies.
Though not young, they were both in very good health, largely due to the wife’s insist…

Kiss It Goodbye Dave.

David Cameron faces a major row over the budgetary scrutiny demand when the Prime Minister attends his first EU summit next Thursday. Britain was isolated during a meeting of an “economic government taskforce”, chaired by Herman Van Rompuy, the EU President, last night.
Britain has however rejected EU moves towards prior scrutiny by Brussels of national budgets today, insisting that only the House of Commons would be allowed to vet British tax and spending plans. Related articles by ZemantaDavid Cameron faces EU fight over budget vetting ( 'to vet British Budget before Parliament' ( vetoes EU budget scrutiny plan (

There May Be Trouble Ahead.....


There are none so blind.

Don't say you weren't warned.
Gerald Warner spells out the future for any remaining Conservatives in the party:
Cameron’s move was classically Blairite. Tony Blair made no secret of his disdain, amounting to loathing, for the Labour Party, from whose culture he remained always aloof. That is similarly the case with Dave: he is not comfortable with Tories or Toryism, as this pre-emptive strike demonstrated. The need to cosy up to the Liberal Democrats energised Dave to do what he wanted to do anyway: eliminate grassroots Conservatives and Conservatism from the Conservative Party.

Are You Listening Dave and Nick?

Eurosceptic MPs will renew calls for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when it comes up for debate again in Parliament in the coming weeks.

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell said he and colleagues planned to use a minor technical change to the treaty to trigger a public vote. 

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We Will Do Our Best To Forget.

Probably the worst and most hated Prime Minister in history. Ever, ever, ever.
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Will Someone Think Of The Country?


Will You

NOW! Moral Legitimacy? Fucking piss of to Zimbabwe and claim asylum you cunts.

Vote Lib Dem Get Wet


Anti-smokers Really Do Stink.

An Appeal To Readers

frank_davisApril 29th, 23:54Last night I posted up a piece which was, in part, about the social isolation and disintegration that I thought the smoking ban was causing. This evening, among the responses, there was the following anonymous message:
I am getting too old to stand outside pubs or restaurants. Plus I was taught that it was only 'ladies of the night' that stood in the street smoking.
I have been 3 years away from any social contact other than the odd hello with neighbours.
Being a widow with no family it was always going to be hard to get back into some semblance of normality with regard to socialising, but I didn't think that it would be this bad.
I used to meet up in a cafeteria with some lady friends, but now that has stopped as a few of the ladies were smokers and didn't want to stand in the street to have a cigarette.
I went to a quiz night at the local pub as there were quite a few elderly 'singles' there. That has stopped. I also…

Come On, It's Time To Go Gordon.

The Leaders Debate, tonight, has to be the most unedifying sight I have ever witnessed. I actually thought that Gordon was about to go postal on National TV.

ISaw This And Thought Of You, Gordon.

Probably be best not to turn up for the last debate the way you're doing at the moment Gordon.

Vote Small Think Big


Yes, No, or Maybe.

Ed Davey came under fire over Lib Dem policy on Trident in the TV debate yesterday.
William Hague pointed out that Mr Davey had said he would keep a nuclear deterrent.

At the weekend Lib Dem defence spokesman Nick Harvey had refused to back the deterrent. 
Mr Hague said: "There appears to be complete confusion in the Liberal Democrat position on Britain's nuclear deterrent." 

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Oh do get stuffed!

P-A-X-M-A-N, that'll be pronounced Tw@t then, will it?

Problems With Your Election Performance?