Most Wanted

And for crimes against vocabulary.


  1. Alky Ada

    Funny as fuck!

    Sad thing is it's all so true that the so called Prime Minster of this Country is such an illiterate buffoon.

    I'm seriously considering doing all my posts in 36pt, to make sure the half blind twat can read it when I tell him to fuck the fuck off ;-)

  2. "illiterate buffoon."

    As proven from his so called letters to a soldier's family.

  3. GOT, 400 pt wouldn't get through to that fuckwit. The stupid cunt is in major denial.
    Still the bastard has another fucking emergency to stage manage now. Poor sods in Cumbria were doomed after that twats holiday there. He was fucking loving the photo op today. No sign of contrition for causing it.

    OR, buffoon doesn't begin to describe the twat!


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