Labour is well funny Innit!

The original wasn't silly enough Mandy, so I added a little touch of realism to it.

This is more like it though. Bit closer to the truth eh?
Fucking Pillocks.


  1. *Irony alert* How civilised and mature twenty-first century politics is. I'm proud to belong to such a great tradition.

  2. Your photoshop skills,thank fuck,know no bounds,and I think if I laugh any more,I'm in danger of needing incontinence pads

  3. God but they are scary, all four!

  4. Edgar, that hit the nail firmly on the proverbial.

    Shades of, thanks! I think Gordon has a line on cheap incontinence pants. Maybe we should put in an order?

    OR, they are the most scary of scary things I've ever seen. Thing is, there are 642 more of the buggers infesting Westminster.


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