It isn't the moustache's fault Bob

I think Horrid Harriet, must have had you in mind, Bob, when she implied that men couldn't be trusted with fucking up the Country to a high enough standard.

Piss up and brewery failure Number One:
The MoD's new compensation scheme has come under further attack after it was revealed that less than ten per cent of all injured personnel received a guaranteed income payment in addition to their injury compensation award from the MoD.

Followed closely by an ongoing likelihood of drought:
Secrecy sounding the armour on new vehicles destined for British troops in Afghanistan is preventing them from being flown into the conflict zone.

The cladding on the Ridgbacks has been classified as so secret that only British transport aircraft are allowed to ferry them to the troops in Helmand province, defence sources said today.

There's more Bob, but that should keep you busy whining about how unfair life is for a while.


  1. There's even more deep throat stuff this evening, check out the report to be released soon as to how utterly incompetent defence procurement has become because they have NO MONEY!

  2. Incredible isn't it, that only British transport can be used because of the need to keep 'a secret' while soldiers are dying in ied attacks. FHS, give the Americans the blueprints and borrow some aircraft from them Bob!

  3. He's a bigger prick than that image indicates.

  4. No fucking money!
    Give me strength.

    Top tip Bob: If the likes of you and your troughing tosspots in Parliament stopped pissing our cash up the walls of your 1st, 2nd & 3rd homes, on items of LUXURY, there may be enough left to save the lives of the soldiers by supplying them with ESSENTIAL equipment.

    Oh and Bob, the fact that you are a complete and utter wig wearing moustacheode four eyed cock, doesn't help our boys much either.


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