You Aren't Wanted.

16.5% swing in Norwich Peter. The worst figures on the economy since 1955 published today, with more to come.

Your Nasty Party isn't wanted and neither is your puppet government. Tell Gord the truth and then fuck off the lot of you.


  1. You mean bugger off, Lawson, Labour don't do the other, except maybe The Country.

  2. We can but hope Labour are getting the message. Slowly but surely.

  3. VotR, they have shown little sign so far. One or two are making the connections, but I doubt any of the cabinet have the bottle to say it to Gord's face.

    OR, I didn't want Mandy thinking I was making him an offer of my sweet cheeks!

  4. Maybe they could all bugger themselves the buggery bugger off?

  5. Three start their lonely walks in the woods.

  6. Banned, judging by the denial shown by the various members of gord's talentless cabinet today, it's gonna be quite packed in them thar woods.


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