Viva La Revolucion El Gordo.

Last fag and up against the wall for you Gord.
(except you don't smoke do you)


  1. I hope he shares the same fate as Guevara - by that I mean being executed, not by becoming an icon of revolution to middle class lefties everywhere :-)

  2. He's got more chance of becoming an acorn and then buried.

  3. Do you mean an acorn rather than an icon?

  4. An aching icon after Fondlebums finished!

  5. Just what is to be done with him? Surely he's got to given some rubber wallpaper after the huge trainwreck that's hurtling towards us hits.
    If we can see it why can't he? The Mandelbrot set sees it, he's been working on it his whole life, and knows he'll bail out to a cushy foundation number somwhere.

    Brown simply will not be able to walk down the street anywhere in this country.

    What's going on?


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