Gords Going on His Hols.

My condolences to Cumbria.


  1. Some of those Lakes are very, very deep!

  2. Superb! The similarity is uncanny.

    I bet it hasn't stopped raining in Cumbria since he got there.

  3. Yeh OR, but he can walk on water. Allegedly.

  4. Nice one, Lawson, great pic - the Lake district is now done for - expect tornados, earthquakes, flash floods and an outbreak of foot and mouth disease!

  5. Hey Lawson, good to see you back with a cracker!
    I bet everyone else who was going there is trying to change their holiday arrangements, in a desperate bid to avoid both Gordon and the inevitable disaster that will befall the region.

    Unless they work for the BBC of course!

  6. Hopefully the buzzards from Cornwall will take a wee trip down there.

  7. Lots of hillsides for lonely walks Mr. Brown, lots of lakes for that matter, try a ride in one.


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