EU Flexes Muscles, Gordon Shits Himself

The Indie:

"The Government is terrified that the EU is getting ready to issue an ultimatum over Lloyds and RBS, forcing them to break up following the massive state injections of capital last autumn. This row is heating up and is likely to come to a head quite soon."

"Urgent negotiations are taking place between the Treasury, UKFI, the agency which controls the Government’s shareholding in Lloyds, and the EU. Treasury sources said they hoped that some sort of deal could be thrashed out ahead of the August deadline set by the EU. "


  1. If Brown and the rest of them are saying they didn't know about the EU's plans, they're lying.

  2. Well, they are politicians so it goes without saying.

    I did that pic last month incidentally. If I could see this shit coming, then Bibbles Brown and Co., certainly should have.

  3. It's astonishing isn't it, how often it is that we can all see some obvious disaster or other looming large on the horizon yet the great and the good (yeah right) in our Government seem to be fucking clueless. Which is ironic really because it's generally down to their ill advised actions that these problems occur in the first fucking place.

    Out of touch. Out of date. Out of order.

  4. You can add Out of money (ours) to that list!

    They're like a shit tune, that gets to number one, and then fucking sticks like bloody glue, for what seems like forever. Turn the radio and there it fucking is, right in yer face, no sense of shame or reason, time after sick making time.

  5. Great analogy!

  6. Good points, Lawson.


    "All your banks are belong to us." - great homage to my fave internet meme!

  7. Cheers GOT, thing is I can turn the radio off. Anyone know where I can get a remote that switches the Government?

    Gigits, isn't it the original internet meme? The one that started the whole thing off?


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