Brown's New Look.

"The Prime Minister's dentist is believed to be Mervyn Drurian, of the exclusive London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry in Hampstead, north London, but he was the soul of discretion when Mandrake called. If it is the case that Brown has become a grinder, then Drurian is likely to recommend an occlusal splint, which Brown would have to insert into his mouth at bedtime. The device tends to make the wearer look a bit like Hannibal Lecter, but it does protect the teeth from wear and reduce jaw muscle activity, and – good news for Sarah, perhaps – the noise of teeth grinding."

H/T Events dear boy, events.


  1. About time he did something about that jaw thing and if it shuts him up too ? Bonus !

  2. A large mouthful of rapid setting concrete might do the trick too.
    Only one drawback . . . it's irremovable.
    Oh dear, what a shame ;-)

  3. He could probably also do with something for his arse at the moment. Too much talking from it!

  4. Is there a special gap in it to fit Mandelsons cock through?

  5. Petra decided the risk was too great ASE, so tradesmen entrance only!

  6. I don't think that dentistry will fix his wonky jaw - it needs to be broken and reset properly.

    Now where's my baseball bat..

  7. The only solution would be to wire his teeth together. That would solve the jaw dropping issue as well as the talking shite.

  8. It could get the tough guy vote.


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