Labour's True Colours are Showing.

Email from Harriet Harman on behalf of the Liebore Party

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 17:40:53 +0100
Subject: Something special is starting to happen

Dear Mr XXXXX,

We were all dismayed by the recent election results but because of the dismal backdrop something special is starting to happen. Since the election results came out, there has been an exceptional increase in the number of people joining the party. Hundreds are joining for the first time but many are, like you, former members. I wanted to share with you their reasons – and ask you to rejoin today.

Brendan from Durham said he joined because:
“You can’t ride the fence when the Tories and BNP are gaining power.”

Please rejoin us in this fight -

Silke from Guildford said:
“I have re-joined because the Tories will ruin this country.”

Please rejoin us in this fight -

Kevin from London said:
“As a former member about a decade ago I wish to rejoin to help fight the next General Election and beyond.”

We have now seen how the Tories plan to cut our public services. David Cameron’s health spokesman Andrew Lansley stated that the Tories would make 10 per cent spending cuts in the vast majority of government departments.

Gordon Brown has said:
"We have a proud record of targeted investment and prioritising the interests of hard working families across the country. And while our party will stand by people through this downturn, David Cameron's Conservatives would walk on by. And in contrast to our strong record of investment in public services, David Cameron is committed to cuts of 10 per cent."

Please rejoin us in this fight -

Best wishes,


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