Banned From Being English

Guthrum spoke thus:

This morning I have resigned from the Civic group I co founded because I received an email from the Chairman, on the eve of Armed Services day. This is the salient line.

The St Georges flag had connotations of association with far-right politics and that they felt very uncomfortable about this-

They were uncomfortable on having a flagpole at all, they were equally uncomfortable with the £2000 cost would detract from the fundraising for the Christmas Lights for shoppers.

To be told that my country's flag since 1545 has far-right connotations is an utter outrage, and anybody who has read my little duels with BNP supporters will know that I am not by any stretch of the imagination far-right, though I am not ashamed either of my English heritage. The easiest way that anything can be derided by these jokers as Dolly Draper tried is just to shout racist.


Well now mister chairman, I demand that you change your title immediately, it's sexist and is redolent of authoritarianism, something that I find to be offensive. I'm also wondering whether you may be a member of some ultra left-wing organisation, that is bent on the overthrow of democracy? Please assure me that this is not the case, and then fuck off with your tail between your legs, never to darken the portals of Merry ENGLAND again.


  1. Well said, Lawson - these people make me sick to my stomach. Like Gordon Brown when he wraps himself up in the Union Flag and spouts about "Britishness" - well that, as we well know, is the last refuge of a scoundrel!

  2. This is just fucking ridiculous!
    I'm so fucking angry I can't even begin to . . . . .

    (gone for a lie down)

  3. I hate the association of the Cross of St George with the fucking BNP.

    This flag was around a few hundred years before anybody even heard of National Socialism (and that's all the BNP is - Socialism of a Nationalistic variety).

  4. It's good to spread the word - I've done something on it for tomorrow to coincide with AF Day. Bloody hypocritical jobsworths. It's OUR flag.


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